Road Trip Rentals, Inc.

Something happens when families spend time together. Something good! Bonds are built between the generations. Secrets are shared. Discoveries are made. Moments are frozen in time. Sometimes the road to a happy family is an actual road. And sometimes, nothing brings a family closer together than taking them far away. Away from the daily distractions that can get in our way. Would you like to attend a wine festival, BBQ event, concert, sporting event or even visit a state park? Road Trip Rentals provides RV rentals for vacations and events in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Take advantage of our delivery service: we can deliver your RV rental directly to your location. Or, you can come to us in beautiful Orange, Virginia and tow the camper rental to the destination of your choice. Our camper rental rates are affordable and we feature a convenient camper rental online booking system.

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 389-3176
Hours: Please call ahead to set up appointment
Address: 381 Waugh Boulevard, Orange, VA 22960