Reconstruct: Log Cabin Workshop

Join us this fall for our October 14-19 Log Cabin Workshop. This is a very unique hands-on volunteer and educational experience in which you will work side-by-side with professionals in historic reconstruction. In this week-long expedition you will reconstruct a log cabin slave quarter on the Montpelier property and funds raised from this program will be used for future reconstruction projects. Participants will learn wood working and joinery techniques with historic tools that were used in Madison's era. We plan to complete the entire cabin during the week-long program, which means you will be exposed not only to hewing and notching of logs, but also timber framing of rafters, joists, and chimney construction. No previous experience is necessary to participate. This program is a partnership between the Montpelier Archaeology Department, the Montpelier Architecture & Historic Preservation Department, and Salvagewrights Ltd.


Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019 - Friday, October 25, 2019

Time: start time of 5 pm on Sunday

Cost: see website for details

Location: James Madison's Montpelier, 11350 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station 22957


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