Orange County LOVE Artwork

There is so much to LOVE about a visit to Orange County, VA!

Orange County’s LOVEwork highlights some of what there is to love about an Orange County visit! The L represents the rich legal history to be found in the home of James Madison, father of the Constitution. The O represents the Civil War, and Orange County’s involvement in all four years of the conflict. The V represents the many vines from which world class wine is produced, and the E represents the equestrian culture and history of the area. It was produced by Stokes of England Blacksmiths from Gordonsville, VA. Follow the link to read our blog entry and get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of our LOVEwork!

Contact Information

Phone: 1(877)222-8072
Hours: 6am-10pm
Address: 101 South Main Street, Orange, VA 22960