Fort Germanna Visitor Center- Siegen Forest Blue Trail

During operating hours, the Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia, Inc., allows visitors to enjoy hiking trails in the Siegen Forest behind the Germanna Visitor Center. The Bluff/Blue trail of Germanna’s Siegen Forest provides a unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of history. This trail carries you across the bluff at the southwestern part of the property to a magnificent bluff overlooking the Rapidan River. The trail is about 0.7 miles one way and is relatively flat. It goes across a peak of about 350 feet above sea level. The river is about 200 feet above sea level. The trailhead is on county route 601, Flat Run Road just south of Constitution Highway (state route 3) in Locust Grove, Virginia. There is no parking facility at the trailhead. This trail does not begin at the Germanna Visitors Center. About 100 yards to the southeast of the trail is the concrete remains of the Locust Grove Airway Beacon – National Geodetic Survey PID identification – HV5526.

Contact Information

Phone: (540) 423-1700
Hours: Tues-Sat 1pm-5pm
Address: 2062 Germanna Highway, Locust Grove, Virginia 22508

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