de Estheticienne, European Skin and Bodycare Salon

Yvonne does, skincare, bodycare, waxing, brow/lash tinting, cold laser, make-up, pedicures/manicures And I am a hollistic healthcoach and an affiliate of Hypervibe whole body vibration. Yvonne was in pharmacy until she was 40 years old. Then made a change before Yvonne came to USA and became an aesthetician. After she received all of her certifications Yvonne moved to the United States. She worked at Keswick Country Club Spa for 10 years until she left there to start her own skin and bodycare salon in Gordonsville,Va. June 2007.

Contact Information

Phone: 540-832-3688
Hours: By appointment only
Address: 202 Mayhugh Ave.Gordonsville, VA, United States 22942