Amnon’s Jewelry Repair and Cleaning

Amnon Cohen began his jewelry career in 1963 working for a jewelry manufacturer in New York City (NYC).

By 1973, he opened his own repair business in the Jewelry District of NYC. His expertise was in specialty orders, line creations, handmade model making and repairs. His customers included: individual clients, antique jewelry dealers, boutique shops in upstate NY and NJ, and large NYC storefronts such as Michael C. Fina, Paul Seiden and Erwin Pearl. Having worked in the heartbeat of the jewelry world for 44 years, Amnon has seen almost every style of jewelry come across his repair bench. Amnon is sought out for his creativity and problem-solving skills when repairing and creating pieces, especially the ones that are delicate and difficult; he is known for tackling pieces other jewelers will not touch. Amnon's artistic talent, natural curiosity and thinking outside the [jewelry] box, is a true credit to his ability to repair or custom build beautiful pieces. He believes this leads to better design, smarter repairs and, oftentimes, a cost savings for the customer. That creativity and curiosity still keeps him going. Amnon has now opened a shop in Orange, and is eager to continue creating and fixing jewelry. He is available for repairs, consultations, special orders, and antique accessory repair.

Contact Information

Phone: (571) 294-2981
Hours: Consultations by Appointment

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