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"Honey Hill Orchards"

Honey Hill Orchards, an Orange County landmark near Mine Run since 1977 is a modern farming operation based on supporting and living some simple traditional American values. Since we believe in living these values, we are a real working farm. We are not a make believe theme park, we do not have picnics and fairs, and we do not encourage tourists to come to “experience” an imitation of country living. We are too busy living the real values and making it possible for families to come out and experience those values for themselves. So, if you believe in these values, laid out below, as we do, come on out and pick ripe fruit from trees that the kids can easily reach, and take it home to enjoy fresh and preserve the surplus, as our relatives did in earlier time.

Here Are The Values We Live and Farm By:

  • Love of Country - The owner’s father, the owner, and his 5 sons all served in this Country’s military.
  • Love of Family – Our family planted and tended these trees; now your family can enjoy them.
  • Thrift – Our fruit is priced as low as we can and still support our operations.
  • Self-Sufficiency – We grow them, you pick them. Just you and us, nobody in the middle.
  • Hard Work – Tending trees is hard work, so is picking. If it was easy, it might not be worth doing.
  • Self Determination – When you pick, you decide which ones you want; nothing is pushed on you.
  • Trust – After picking, drop the money into the box. Our customers don’t need anybody watching over them.
  • Cleanliness – We keep the trees low and the grass lower for your comfort and enjoyment.
  • Friendship –Pet the two friendly dogs Pepper and Eagle who sometimes oversee fruit picking.
  • Phone: (540) 854-5941

    Hours: Please call ahead for availability and hours

    Address: 30391 Catharpin Road, Mine Run, VA 22508


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